Dream on February 7, 2016: Not Everyone Wants to be Saved

Shalom Brothers and Sisters! I wanted to share a dream that I had last night. In this dream I was on an ark in a raging storm. The sea was wild and the Ark was being tossed around while transversing through numerous waves. I was on top of the ark under a cover watching the rain come down. I noticed people in the water being thrown around in the waves and they were screaming for help. I threw orange and white life rings, I let down life boats, I even somehow let down miniature arks to go out and save the people in the water. Everything was right next to them yet they chose not to reach out for anything. They continued to scream for help. It was very confusing that they were screaming for help because I gave them multiple things that would help save them yet they chose to stay in the water and in distress.

Dream Interpretation

According to what I saw in my dream it appears that everyone does not want to be saved. No matter what you do to help people there will always be people who don’t want to be saved and there will be times that you have tried all that you can do to help save them but they will continuously reject the help. Many people say they want to be helped however when you provide them tools and try to help them, they reject it. This is a dream for everyone to pay attention to because at times we may reject people and not even realize that they are trying to help us. Sister Carter (AthaleYah) and I have put out dreams, visions, testimonies, revelations, end time messages and warnings to wake people up, however people refuse to hearken to the spirit of truth. Many people have rejected the truth and many people continue to reject knowledge. Please just pay attention because God can be sending you a message through someone else.

A Word From Sister Carter (AthaleYah) 

The Most High speaks in many ways and we need to hear his voice. I had a dream on the first night of my 40 day fast back in November 2015 and the Most High gave me a dream where I was building an ARK. For more on this dream please check out The Beginning of my 40 Day Fast: Dream on November 2, 2015. The Most High is not playing and he is taking us back to the beginning in the days of Noah when the flood came. According to the Book of Jasher, Noah and Methuselah went out to the children of men to tell them to turn away from their evil ways and to turn back to the Most High. The Lord gave them 120 years to change their ways. If they had hearkened to the spirit then he wouldn’t have destroyed them but they did not hearken to them so they were all taken away by the flood. Do you want this to be you in the end when fire comes down from heaven? I hope not. I hope you would want to be saved from the wrath of God.

This is a lesson to all of us in this world today. We must not wait until the last minute to wake up because it can be too late. You have time now so please seek the Lord with all of your heart, mind and soul. Repent of all your sins and return back to the Most High. Love him and love your neighbors and you will have fulfilled the law through Love. We just need to use our minds before we make any decisions. We need to start making wise choices. Before you make any decisions seek the Most High first and ask him to guide your footsteps. Ask him if it is his will. It is a must that we seek God in our prayers. Trust me he will respond back but you must be patient. You may not get the answer you expected but it’s for the best. Everything happens for a reason and we must keep faith at all times no matter what. Whatever it is that you do always look at what you will benefit from it and what will be the consequences, if any.

We all don’t have to agree on everything but we must all come to the same belief and conclusion that there is a higher power who is the Creator of the Universe and the Creator loves all of his children. He wants us to learn his ways which is love and peace, not evil and hatred. He wants us to be full of light not full of darkness. There’s a endless universe out there and people on this earth can’t even learn basic things which is the difference between good and evil. We are intelligent beings and we need to act like it. We must move pass all the things that’s causing us to fall in a deeper trap with Satan. Satan is destroying mankind and man is destroying their divinity and losing their connection with the Creator. Man is moving further and further away from the Most High Yah and man is continuing to make their own Gods. This must stop immediately!!!!!

We need to elevate our minds and have a mind like Christ. We need to represent the Kingdom of Heaven, we are light beings and we are from a higher dimension but we have descended or fallen into this state of mind in this lower realm of existence because of our negative thoughts, sinful/lustful evil ways,  lack of love and respect in our Creator. We need to have faith because faith is really important. I have descended from the higher realms of heaven and I am here to guide you back into the Father’s presence in the higher realms in the universe. Please be one with the Father’s light and allow his light (holy fire/spirit) to transform your hearts and mind. Your spirit must be renewed and born again. You must change the way you think. You must have a forgiving heart. We must pray for others and we must guide people into the light of the Father. His energy is all over the universe and it is his energy which is invisible that brings life and light into the world.

We must raise our vibration level and ascend to a higher consciousness. The mind is very powerful and we need to learn self control. Change your minds and you will bring forth a new reality. Let that reality be light and love. Bring forth the fruits of the spirit. Think about heavenly things not earthly things. We all exist because of our Creator point blank and we are all connected to one another by our minds which is consciousness. We all come from the same invisible light that came forth in the very beginning. We are all sparks of light, we are all energy and we all vibrate on a different level according to our thoughts. Some have fallen to the lowest state of mind like Satan and they are the ones who are living in darkness. Darkness/Ignorance is their state of their mind and their light no longer shines anymore.

Darkness is their dwelling place. The souls that are living in darkness are creating their own reality which is a dark spiritual realm/world which is equivalent to hell and their reality and destiny would be a evil place full of darkness that is filled with bitterness, pain, suffering filled will all types of torments. The people who go to this place after death are souls that were once on the earth. These are those who continued sinning, they didn’t want to be saved. All of this came forth due to their sinful nature. Sin gives birth to death so if you are constantly sinning and you know that you are sinning you are creating your own hell that you will eventually lay in . You created it through sin and you birthed this place of darkness. This must stop because I’m sure the pit is getting deeper everyday due the sins on the earth. Who wants to be sentenced to a dark place of chaos and destruction? Exactly, you want to live in light and love, not a place of torment because of the conditions of hell.

The lower realms of heaven is where the earth is located now and this is where chaos and destruction rules. This world keeps getting destroyed because of evil and wickedness. The souls that descend on this earth never learn their lesson. We are suppose to come here to learn about the Creator and his ways and take care of the earth that he provided for us yet people came here and destroy the planet to fulfill their own desires. This earth was supposed to be good but it turned evil. This is sad!

We all need to come together to help one another in love so we can raise the vibration on the earth. Love is the highest vibration and we all need LOVE. We do have a deliverer so please have faith in Yahshua Ha’mashiach. Get your houses in order because you do want to be saved from the destruction that is soon to come. Be humble and be thankful!

Written by Brother Whitfield (Obadiyah)

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