Hoping For Deliverance

Shalom brothers and sisters I hope you all are enduring in these last days because the Most High is definitely shaking the heavens and the earth. Please expect to see an increase in earthquakes and volcano eruptions.  We are going to see more signs of the end because we are living in the last days. Even though we don’t know when our deliverance will come we should be preparing ourselves everyday for Yahshua’s return. It is a blessing to be alive and we all should thank the Most High everyday for waking us up and protecting us from the dangers of the world. Everyday is a chance to prepare ourselves to become a Bride dressed in fine white linen. When we are dressed in our white robe we should try our best to keep our robe clean.  I know that it’s not easy living in this world but we must continue to be set apart from the rest of the world. We are suppose to live in righteousness and show love to one another. Most importantly we are to love our Creator and keep him first in all things. If you don’t have a relationship with the Father please seek him.

The Most High is giving us all a chance to turn back to him before it’s too late. We must understand that our heavenly Father doesn’t want anyone to perish. I hope people are seeking the Father in these last days because he is the only one that can save you. The Father is the one who sends his  angels from the high heavens to come watch over us on this earth. The Most High protects his children and he sends help our way. Thank Yah that he sent his son Yahshua to be born on this earth. His mission was accomplished and there are many people today that are receiving salvation and returning back to the Most High Yah. Yahshua redeemed Israel, God’s chosen people, and he showed us the way back to the Father.  Yahshua was obedient to the Father and he desired to do the Father’s will which means we should also have a desire to be obedient and do the Father’s will. We should desire to do what’s right which is keeping the Father’s commandments through Christ. We should be walking in the spirit and thinking with our spiritual mind. When the new mind is fully activated the Father’s light can work through you and you can become one with him by doing the works of the Father. When you are one with the Father your mind will open up to the spiritual realms. So set your mind on heavenly things brothers and sisters and the Most High will reveal many mysteries to you.

One thing that I want to mention is there are many levels of heaven. Set your mind on the higher heavens instead of the lower heavens. The Father wants you to ascend to his higher heavens. Remember there are countless worlds in the Father’s universe. Just because we can’t see the Father’s invisible worlds doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. Don’t be trapped in the lower regions of heaven by having a limited mind. I hope and pray that every soul on this earth has the desire to ascend to the Father’s heavenly kingdom. I hope and pray that every soul evaluates their life to remove all evil from their heart and mind. I hope and pray that every soul allows the Father’s light to purge them from all evil and make them new. Please don’t limit your mind nor the Creator’s mind because there are endless possibilities in the Universe. I’m sure that there are countless worlds created in the higher heavens for the Most High’s children to inhabit.  When the appointed time comes we will be delivered and taken to the prepared place that Yahshua has prepared for us.

Written by Sister Carter (Athaleyah)

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