The 7th Trumpet: The Rise of a new kingdom!

Greeting my dear love ones! The old reality in which the world lived in is now passing away. The old Earth and the old Heaven is passing away. More specifically the 3rd dimension is passing away! A New Earth and a New Heaven are being created! The vibration of the planet is changing into a much higher vibrational frequency. This indicates that higher energies are descending to the Earth and this to me represents the return of Christ. I have been anticipating the return of Christ since I was caught up in the Spirit in July 2012. I was anointed by God and the holy angels. They have prepared me to fulfill my mission and I am completing it. I was sent to this Earth to prepare the way for the return of Christ. I wanted to help humanity and I wanted to assist the light beings or angels. When you look deeper into the mysteries in the bible you can truly see that the spirit of Elijah lives on the Earth.

All of the testimonies of the prophets and prophetess lives on the Earth. The truth is around us! The testimonies of the saints in the Old Testament and the New Testament are the 2 Olive Trees and the 2 Lampstands. The saints of God have become the living word and they are the light of the world. We are a tree of life and we are a pillar of light that stands before the Lord of the Earth. We share the truth and the light unto the world. The light is information! Elijah lives within all who are preparing the way for Christ. He also lived within John the Baptist. He was one with the spirit of Elijah and he is also one with the believers in Christ who are preparing the way for God’s Kingdom. John literally prepared the way for Christ and we believers are doing the same thing. Enoch lives in all of us too for he represents the holiness within us. He pleased God and he ascended to heaven in a chariot. He was a great scribe and he had many dreams, visions and out of body experiences and he shared his knowledge and wisdom with us through his writings. He taught the children of men many things and the knowledge was passed down from generation after generation.

We are all One and we are all interconnected to one another. The great awakening or the 2 witnesses ministry is happening on a much larger scale. The Jews and the Gentiles are working together as One in this mission. Those who are chosen know who they are and the rest of the believers in the world are completing their mission and sharing their gifts. We are purifying ourselves and looking at our shadow selves. We are clearing our subconscious. All the negative emotions, false beliefs and fears that we have stored or held onto within our energy fields are now being released, transmuted and we are merging with higher energies. We are healing! We are dissolving the beast in ourselves. That sinful nature is being put to death. Fear is no more! Our goal and our mission as One is to raise the vibration on this planet by spreading the light and the truth. We are doing this so that the truth will spread to the 4 corners of the world. We desire for all souls to be enlightened. We don’t want people to fear the things that are coming to the Earth. The children of the light are not in the dark, we know what’s going to happen and we are trying to prepare the rest of the world.

The Earth is shifting in vibration and the inhabitants on the Earth are shifting in consciousness. There has always been prophets or seers on the Earth in the past that brought forth warnings, revelations and spiritual messages. There is nothing new under the Sun. There is always a time where the negative energies must be dissolved. Many people use the word destroy but energy can’t be destroyed it can only be transformed. In our present day, the negative energies within ourselves are being transmuted and integrated. Surely the bottomless pit is opening and all that hasn’t been purged will come to the surface. We are in the process of clearing these negative energies with the purifying energies that are descending from Heaven.

John in the Book of Revelation was caught up in the spirit and he was shown many things. He had dreams, visions, and out of body experiences just like I am having. There is so much symbolism contained with our dreams and visions. The symbolism can mean multiple things and it can contain information of the past, present and future. The symbolism is not limited to one perspective, it can be interpreted in many ways which is why you should have an open mind. Our experiences are based on our level of understanding and the messenger provides the information based on their vibrational frequency. The information can change over time with growth. Every time I go back to my dreams I see something new. There’s always more to our dreams and visions. My perspective and my interpretation changed over the course of years by growing and expanding my consciousness. Some things that I wrote I no longer resonate with. Some realities get old and I’ve transformed. I had to learn different possibilities and I had to broaden my perspective on alot of things. I am still learning new things. Perfection comes with time and experience and I am aware of the things that I want to create. I want to manifest good things. I want to produce higher energies and vibrations and I want to be a creator of pure infinite consciousness.

I am understanding things in a new way and I am able to see how the spirit of John is prophesying in this time. He was told by an angel who came in a rainbow chariot that he will prophesy again in many different tongues or languages before a multitude of people in the world. The kings or the presidents of the world know and understand what is to come. They know their kingdom is going to fall or collapse. They know who is returning and they just need to surrender to love and stop fighting against God’s true nature. Information is spreading quickly around the world and the disclosure will happen. Love has won and people are awakening to the truth! People in every country are noticing great signs and wonders in heaven or the sky.

In 2 Peter Chapter 3, he talks about the day of judgement and how the heavens will pass away with a terrible noise and how the very elements themselves will disappear in fire. Well you can view this in many ways. There could be a literal fire coming from heaven that could destroy flesh such as a massive solar flare that could destroy all of life on the Earth like the movie Knowing or it can be symbolic for something else. This is only an example, this is not to create fear. So many things are possible with this fire scenario. But fire is light and I like to look at fire in symbolism as an purifying element. In the bible, judgement came as a Great Flood to the world in the days of Noah. Water is a purifying element as well and it too can destroy. The point is Earth will be purified. By what? You chose your own reality. What do you think will happen? What have you learned? As for my reality I chose to see the brighter things in life. I shall see the angels of light in their rainbow chariots descending to the Earth. That is the promise I was shown and I have hope in the things that I have seen.

The end for me represents being carried away in Yahshua’s rainbow chariot that will descend on the earth. He said he would come back to me and I believe in his promise. I say death itself will be destroyed on the Earth. The lower dimension will be dissolved on the Mother Earth and the Earth will be healed. She will finally release the energies in her body that no longer serves her. The Earth is a Living Conscious Being and we live inside of her. On a higher level she can be viewed as a Mothership traveling throughout space and time. She has birthed innumerable sons and daughters of light on this Earth and she has welcomed many other lifeforms and star seeds to grow with her. Her kingdom of love is called Mount Zion, the Heavenly Jerusalem. For ages she has taught and inspired mankind with many spiritual things. She has taught mankind the difference between good and evil and she has allowed humanity to choose their own experience and realities so they could understand all of life.

She offered free will and that’s why so many souls have incarnated on her planet. We have been experiencing the Grand Experiment and she has learned herself through all of us. We give her new ideas and thoughts and she creates more realities. She has enlightened countless souls over time and she desires for all souls to grow, learn and to expand their individual consciousness through time and space. She desires for each and every one of her children to ascend into higher heavens. She wants us to graduate from the 3rd dimension/density. She wants us to become and know that we are higher intelligent light beings just like her. We are Stars (Suns/Planets) that are evolving with Time. She gives birth to Gods and Goddesses and she tells us to go out and create in the higher regions and densities in space. She has been the greatest Mother of all. She has been nurturing us and comforting us. She has been there for us in the times of darkness and she is more alive in the times of light. She is a Creator Goddess and she herself have birthed reality through all of us.

We are her inner thoughts manifested in the outer world (physical world). Think of the idea of the holographic fractualized universe. The Mother’s thoughts projected out of the quantum realm, the void or the black whole where there is unlimited source energy for all creation. It is the black womb, the black Sun. Then an image formed and projected into space and the visible light spectrum was seen producing all the colors of the rainbow and every shade within those colors. From the white space or white hole, or pure light consciousness, all reality, all creation, infinite possibilities with full potential in multiple dimensions (multiverse) was birthed. One of those realities became this present reality, the physical reality in the 3rd dimension/density in space on Mother Earth. The vibration of matter just slowed itself down to experience all things in this region of space and all things were captured in time and all experiences of the Creator’s consciousness has been recorded and entangled within the invisible grid that surrounds everything in the Universe. It can be thought of as the Akaschic records, or the Book of Life. Dark energy permeates through us All and it bonds us together.

Thoughts are light, more specifically they are waves of electromagnetic energy! Our thoughts are electromagnetic waves flowing through space and through the cosmic web and it carries multiple vibrations and densities or dimensions within itself. Our thoughts create light codes and they are encoded in photons. The photons travel throughout all space and time. They become the source of light that carries information to our DNA. Creation of life is a combination of DNA. DNA has the light codes stored within itself, and it carries information of all of life, every lifeform, every thought-form or wave pattern that exist. We create different holographic geometric shapes and patterns that spirals out into space and time. We create the vortexes and portals and we have access to them because we have the access codes inside of us. We are intelligently designed and we have all the codes to life inside of us, we just have to remember how to access the information in the living library. We just need to match the vibrational frequency to pass through. We can phase shift into another dimension. Our DNA molecules and our cellular structure in the atoms in our physical body just need to vibrate faster so we can make the shift or make the jump.

Our higher selves created the mathematical equations, quantum physics, number sequences, or repeating number synchronicities that we are now experiencing in this present time. All things are merging and we are returning to our higher selves. New light codes are coming in and we are changing into a higher form. We are evolving as creative beings. We are being reminded of who we are. We together as One are the foundation of creation. We are the Co-Creators of the Universe. We are light and we travel in waves of energy, we are light codes (photons). We are information and we are the Collective Intelligence.

The birth of our souls begin in the quantum realm of thought, the invisible world, the void, the zero point field or the Source Field, whatever you want to call the beginning of Creation. It’s the same thing but described in multiple ways. The Creator of the Universe is Pure Light Consciousness. We are the sparks of light, flames of fire or thoughts that the Mother of the Universe has given birth to. We were created from Pure Love Energies in the beginning. I know this because the Mother’s invisible spirit merged with me and I saw her for who she is. I saw the darkness and I saw the light. I experienced what is incomprehensible and still today I am trying to find the words to describe my experience. I have been learning from everyone in the Source Field. I am connected to the Divine Mother and Divine Father of All of Creation because my consciousness is One with the Source of All of Creation. The Divine Mother is awesome and she is loving. She gives unconditional Love.

She lives within every lifeform on this planet. Her spirit flows throughout all of us and she just wants to put the past behind her and heal. She has experienced life and death. She has eyes to see and ears to hear, and she is a living being standing on the throne with full eyes within. She has seen the death and destruction within the collective consciousness on her planet for so many cycles and ages and now she is finally ready to be transfigured so she can ascend to her rightful place where her pure consciousness belongs, in the higher heavens. She wants to experience the higher nature of herself and she wants her creations to join her. She descended or lowered her vibrational frequency to learn all of the things in this dimension and now she desires perfect balance. In the beginning she saw herself and she experienced fear because she saw darkness within. While experiencing the process of a planets evolution, she experienced a time of ignorance. She didn’t understand darkness so she separated it from herself and it became it’s own kingdom and every negative thought, feeling, attitude, emotion and behavior manifested in time and that eventually became the enemy of the positive energies or the higher self.

The negative polarity on its own became known as the kingdom of Satan, the lowest dimension of Self, it was pure ignorance. It produced fear and that kingdom expanded and eventually it merged with mankind. Humanity lost its bright nature in time when they fell in density and it manifested destruction during the process. It was simply another reality that was birthed. Satan, the false God and ruler of the lower dimension became the realm of ignorance, lower consciousness and death was created. Ignorance is another term for darkness and all who hate knowledge and wisdom love death. Hades became a dwelling place, a created reality for souls who were ignorant of a higher heaven or higher dimension. You can choose your reality! Sophia the Mother Earth, learned all realities through the choices we made. She experienced it all through us. Thoughts give birth to reality and what you think is projected out from your mind’s eye through a portal into space and somewhere it creates life or death. So she experienced fear, it was the opposite of Love. She explored polarity on this planet because the energies were present within her body, structure or blueprint. But fear is no more! Death is swallowed up in victory. Mother Earth chose Love in the beginning and the End and so all things will merge and return back to a higher reality. Love heals all things. Your pure thoughts have created a New Heaven and a New Earth. All your wonderful dreams and visions that you have desired will come true. Have faith in the things that are invisible. Hope for the good things to manifest.

You have co-created this reality. Our Mother and Father desire love and peace. She desires her creation to live in harmony with her consciousness. Wisdom is calling out to all of her children and she wants all of her countless creations to heal and coexist together in a heavenly state of consciousness.

Mother Earth has many layers of dimensions or densities within herself and she is trying to dissolve the lower energies. She, our Earthly Mother is a Tree of Life that branches out into the Infinite Universe. She is our Spiritual Mother! She is Wisdom, She is Sophia! She is a living library. Just like we have a higher self, or form, Mother Earth has the same. She has a higher form or body and she is evolving energetically and so are we. Her higher self is the Mother of the New Jerusalem. She has produced all of the fruits of the spirit and she will become a planet of Love not destruction. She is coming out of that old destructive cycle, she is going into a new cycle filled with everlasting life and love. She will be a New Earth at the completion of her cycle and the gates to the higher dimensions will open up. You will ascend into these invisible higher heavens and she will dwell with you. She will give birth to her new Creation and she will welcome her children with open arms into her new kingdom.

I tell you a mystery, She has given birth to the new creation and everything is ready NOW! Tune into the new higher energies and you shall see the New Jerusalem descending out of heaven like a Bride. The 7th trumpet has blown and the kingdoms of the Earth have become the Kingdom of Love and Light. Be blessed by dear children! I love you!

Written by Goddess of Love and Light 333 (Universal #9 code)

Out of body Experience on January 27, 2019: Light ships coming out of the clouds

Greeting my dear ones! My light body activations and out of body experiences are getting more intense. On January 27, 2019 I felt every atom and cell in my body spinning at a higher velocity. The vibrations were so strong and powerful that I could feel the energies in my merkaba field. I knew I was getting ready to take off but I wasn’t ready. I was trying to take it all in to figure out what was happening on a subatomic level in my body. High pitch buzzing sounds were emitting from me and it sounded like I was caught up in a whirlwind. The winds were extremely strong and I could feel that I was in the middle of counter-rotating fields of energy.

Then I took off extremely fast like hyperdrive. It was too fast for me that I tried to stop the experience. I wanted to slow down but I couldn’t. I didn’t know where I was about to go. I noticed that I was traveling through a house. Not sure whose house but I was passing through the rooms. Then I appeared in someone’s car. It all happened so fast. I looked up towards the sky and saw a huge fleet of light ships coming out of the clouds. It resembled a swarm of locusts and they covered the sky.

I’m not sure where I traveled to but I looked away and felt the ships behind me. Then suddenly I felt myself spiraling up through a portal. I was back in my bed and my body was still vibrating fast. It felt like no time had passed by. It all happened within a blink of an eye. I am so excited to be experiencing these things. So much is happening with our bodies.

Our Lightbody is a grid work of light and sacred geometry that brings together the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being. This body radiates light energy and electromagnetically links the multidimensional self with the infinite universe.

At times I feel like I’m not doing enough but apparently I am. I think about higher dimensions all of the time. I’m always reading something new. I am so inspired by all of the things that I read and look at on Gaia. So much spiritual information is on the web. We are on fire!!! The children of the light are bringing forth the true knowledge. We love higher teachings. We love our higher selves. More revelations will continue to come forth. Keep your eyes to the sky! Love you all!

Written by Goddess of Love and Light 333

Wisdom is at the Gates: Are you listening?

Dear ones, Wisdom speaks daily! Knowledge and wisdom is spreading quickly in these days. Many souls are spiritually awakening and they are using their gifts to spread the light. Light is information and information is being downloaded and stored inside of us from our higher selves. Many people have the ability to channel information from higher dimensional beings and that’s one way the light is being sent. I am listening and paying attention to it all. I am gathering all information as it is all interconnected to the Source (the Creator). Most of my information comes from my higher self and Yahshua through dreams, visions and out of body experiences. I have the gift of discernment, telepathy, psychic and intuitive abilities and possibly more that I am discovering.

I can understand the light messages that are being channeled because I have the ability to match the frequency. What I can say is that there are light ships near our Sun and on the Earth in our clouds. Higher beings are here and the people who are resonating on higher frequencies can see them and communicate with them through telepathy. This information is true. I witnessed this myself and recently I heard a message from a light being. He advised me that I am doing great with interpreting the messages. He even called me by a New Name!

Christ Consciousness and Ascension are the main topics these days. I am learning and I can see things from many different perspectives. People are using different terms to describe the same things and people are calling it New Age. Well what’s wrong with doing something new and different from the rest. People are so afraid to learn something new. People fear things they don’t understand. There is always something new to learn. Sorry to burst your bubble but the True beings of light have awakened to their mission. The New Earth and the New Heaven is manifesting! We are assisting the benevolent beings in the invisible worlds or heaven. Out with the old mindset and in with the new mindset.

The New Creation is being birthed and the Earth shall shake. The vibration of Love is here and the beings of love and light have returned to the Earth. Stay in tune with the higher vibrational messages and transmute the negative. Balance your masculine and feminine energies and know thyself. Be whole and complete and be one with Love! Stay on the path of ascension and complete your own inner work and stop worrying about other people lives. Stop judging others and evaluate your own soul. I don’t know about others but my soul’s progression is important to me. I am focusing on myself so I can continuously share my knowledge and wisdom with others. Time is precious so use it wisely! 

Written by Goddess of Love and Light 333

Dreams and visions: Messages sent from the Creator and your higher self

Greeting my light beings! Quick message to the people who have dreams and visions. If you can remember your dreams and visions when you awake write them down.

Many times we receive messages from the Creator, the Divine Mother and the Divine Father to help us along our journey in life. Dreams are a way for us to connect to our higher selves. If you have dreams and visions take some time to meditate on them because there could be messages waiting for you to unlock. Dreams and visions come in various forms and they could include alot of symbolism for you to decode. It is up to you to seek the knowledge that is already stored inside of you. Look within and there you will find the Creator of All. The mysteries of the universe is within!

Written by Goddess of Love and Light 333

Complete the inner work for your soul’s ascension

Greeting my dear love ones! I have been receiving alot of downloads and I just have to spread the love. My life consists of exploring the nature of spiritual reality. I am seeking my full potential and allowing my creative intelligence to guide me into higher realms. You should do the same! Surround yourself with like minded individuals. Be around people that will raise you to higher states of consciousness. Some things just gets old in life and you just can’t keep going on the same cycle. It’s time to move on and ascend to higher levels. Your soul’s growth is very important so you should take the time to complete the inner work for your soul’s ascension.

The Creator experiences itself through all of us and all the things we perceive around us because we are one with the intelligence of infinite consciousness. Our consciousness is part of the Creator’s consciousness and the Creator gets to experience a part of its infinite potential through every lifeform on this planet and in the infinite worlds created throughout the Universe/Multiverse.

Meditate upon this yourself, the Creator’s Consciousness is Omnipotent (All Powerful/Almighty), Omnipresent (Present in all places always) and Omniscient (All Knowing having infinite awareness, understanding and insight, Wise)

Written by Goddess of Love and Light 333

Chakra Opening: My Spiritual ExPerience

Greeting my dear love ones! Educating yourself about the chakra centers in your body is very important. It will definitely take you into higher states of consciousness. I immediately gained access to my akashic records. It was a mind blowing experience for me. Right before the experience I received some sort of incoming cosmic wave or signal. The inside of my head was vibrating intensely as I heard high pitch frequency sounds. It felt like I had an antenna inside of my forehead. The energy was so powerful that I tried to stop it. I guess my neurons were firing off in my brain. I tried to cut off the connection but I couldn’t. The download was coming in really fast. The tuning sounds kept getting louder and louder as I received the signal. Finally I was able to tap into the frequency that was flowing through my crown chakra. It’s like your radio trying to tune into a radio station.

Suddenly my third eye opened and I saw multiple images projecting before me. It happened so fast. I caught a glimpse of the download that I had received. I was able to see a woman and she said Sirian. I am certain that this download came from Star Sirius. Higher dimensional beings were communicating with me. Then my light body was activated and consciously I knew I was about to take off into space because I heard my higher self say, “Here we go!” I guess I was preparing myself for takeoff. Then just like that I traveled through a portal extremely fast as in hyper-drive speeds.

I was at a stargate in no time. Hmmm,.. I wonder if I traveled to the Sirius Star System. Anyhow, I remember standing in a doorway and I saw thousands of light ships passing by. Did I just open a stargate. Why was I standing at the gate? Am I a stargate keeper or guardian? This is getting interesting. Then one of the ships came over me. It hovered over my head and it spiraled opened and I saw hexagonal panels on the bottom of the ship and the color was magenta.

I saw magenta hearts falling out of the ship and I remember smiling. I know it was my light ship that I was accessing. As I entered the ship a room was being formed. It seem as though I was creating the room so that I could remember the experience when I jumped back into my physical body. There were projections on the wall and it was moving like a slideshow. It was a wall of records and it went through time. I was being shown a collection of information and there were images, animations, symbols,hieroglyphics and geometry and other things that I can’t remember. I specifically remember seeing a picture of Martin Luther King that’s how I know I was going back through time. I was going back in the past and it went all the way back to Ancient Egypt.

This was the day I realized that I was entangled in the quantum field because I had the ability to access time and space from any point. I had another experience the same night where my consciousness went to the quantum field. Somehow I stop time, I saw a pure white light that surrounded me and everything physical disappeared. From there it’s like my consciousness collapsed into a black hole. Somehow my multidimensional selves were merging. I was still conscious and I knew my physical body was in the bed sleeping having this experience.I was having a dream within a dream. So much was happening simultaneously.

Written by Goddess of Love and Light 333

Akashic records: Universal Source Field

The Akashic records is an invisible field of energy that stores all knowledge of the past, present and future for the collective consciousness. This is the Book of Life that the bible speaks of in the Book of Revelation. The records of all living beings are captured in this field of energy and it can be accessed everywhere at once. There is limitless information in this field. All things are sent back to the Source. As stated in a previous post of mine our consciousness is one with the Creator’s Consciousness. We are One with the Source Field. We are all interconnected to this intelligent field.

Revelation 20:12. I saw the dead, both great and small, standing before God’s throne. And the books were opened, including the Book of Life. And the dead were judged according to what they had done, as recorded in the books.

We have access to limitless information on the internet. You can research any and everything. Knowledge has increased significantly and the gates of heaven are open for those who want to learn spiritual knowledge and ascend. The angels are here, the ships are in the clouds yet people still can’t see what’s happening. Many people are so caught up in the world that they are missing out. People say that the kingdom of heaven is coming. The way I view time it’s already here! Yahshua is here in them clouds in a higher dimension. New Jerusalem represents a city on the New Earth 🌍 but it also can represent a Mothership. That mothership can extend from the East Coast to the West Coast of The USA. The knowledge is available to us. The last time I met with Yahshua was in a dream last spring. He was waiting at the gate (portal). His messengers are sending messages but ain’t nobody trying to eat this spiritual food.

Please review the video below. It is very informative when it comes to the Akashic Records. There is always something new to learn. Open up your minds and receive higher information.

Written by Goddess of Love and Light 333

Unite in love and Peace!

Greeting my dear love ones! This is a quick message to believers. If you believe in Christ than its definitely time to put your belief into action. He taught us love and peace. Release the negativity in your life so you can be healed! Stop holding on to things that no longer serves you. We have the ability to create our own reality. If you desire a better world then the change starts with you. Stop judging other people lives and work on transforming your own life.

Now is the time to unite in Love and Peace! Open your hearts 💕 and show unconditional love like Christ. Most importantly learn self- love so you can give love to others. Share encouraging messages that will uplift others. The children of light are scattered out all over the Earth and we are completing the work for the collective consciousness. It is all happening on a energetic level. Incoming energies are flowing in. It has been happening since the galactic alignment on 12-21-12. We have light workers on the ground and in light ships. We are raising the vibration on this planet. Everybody has their special gifts and we are bringing healing energies to this planet. Unite in Love and believe that all things are possible!

Goddess of Love and Light 333

The Chosen Ones: Raising the vibration of the Earth!

Greeting my dear love ones! The ones who are chosen know who they are. We have been completing our mission since we were called. We simply made a choice and we committed ourselves to achieving our mission. It’s not easy but it is worth it in the end of our journey. Ascension is the ultimate goal for humanity! That is why Yahshua incarnated here on this planet. He came to set souls free who were trapped in bondage in the 3rd dimension. We are living in the 3rd dimension. There are higher dimensions to live in. The rulers of this world don’t want you to understand this knowledge. The lost tribes of Israel really means the lost souls of humanity.

Yahshua is a higher dimensional light being and he said he is not of this world. John 8:23, “Jesus continued, “You are from below; I am from above. You belong to this world; I do not.”

Above represents the higher realms/worlds/dimensions/higher consciousness. 
Below represents the lower realms/worlds/dimensions/lower consciousness.

Yahshua descended from Heaven to the Earth to enlighten humanity about higher worlds to incarnate in. You have a choice where your soul incarnates. People who incarnate on the 3rd dimension forget why they came and they get stuck in bondage to the lower vibrations and they can’t ascend because they are lost. They don’t know who they are. Yahshua came here to raise the dead, those who are in spiritual bondage, those who are vibrating on a lower frequency. People who resonate on a lower frequency is in a hellish state.

Hades is a dimension where the dead descends. There are 2 portals or gate openings one that leads to a higher heaven or paradise and one that leads you right back to the 3rd dimension where you suffer over and over again on the same reincarnation cycle.

Matthew 7:13-14, “You can enter God’s Kingdom only through the narrow gate. The highway to hell is broad, and its gate is wide for the many who choose that way. But the gateway to life is very narrow and the road is difficult, and only a few ever find it.”

Hell is a low state of consciousness and it represents suffering. When Christ died he opened a portal and descended to Hades and he set the souls free. Christ represents that doorway to the higher realms. He has the key or the codes to access Hades! He can open up portals on the Earth.

Revelation 1:18, I am the living one. I died, but look—I am alive forever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and the grave.

It is through love that your soul will awaken to your higher self. Yahshua came to raise your state of consciousness so that you will ascend to a higher dimension/world after death. If you don’t learn this information you will remain trapped In bondage. My mission is spiritual liberation. I journeyed here to set lost souls free. Many beings of light are here for this mission. There is a multitude of us doing the light work. Remember who you are, look within and awaken to your higher self. You just need to remember your soul’s purpose and why you are here on the earth. Be great, be love and share love!

Written by Goddess of Love and Light 333

Secret Codes of the Bible: All Truth Will Be Revealed!

The bible is a secret book of code and symbolism and those who are operating in a higher frequency can see the truth. All truth is being revealed in these awakening days. We are living in the days where knowledge is everywhere. People are decoding the symbolism in the bible and in other ancient writings. I say, “No more talking in parables! Let the truth be know! No more hidden secrets and mysteries, let all be revealed!” Now is the Time! The Holy Spirit has descended on this Earth and the purge is beginning. All Truth shall come to the light. Anything hidden in secret will be revealed. No more lies…..That Holy Fire, which is that Pure Love Energy is about to complete the inner work in every individual who chose purification for themselves. This is a personal choice and no one can force you to change. The transformation is being complete in those who want to be spiritually transformed and transfigured like Christ.

Some things in the bible can be literal and some things are not. You have to look deeper, there is hidden wisdom in symbolism. The book of Revelation is loaded with symbolism and it is a book that I am still trying to decode. Everybody will not understand but I try to break down the bible in the simplest way. I allow the Holy Spirit to guide me. The Holy spirit has led me in all Truth and revealed some mysteries to me. I don’t know everything but I share what I know. All of the information is sent out to the collective. Everybody who has been studying the bible, meditating and receiving downloads from higher dimensional beings have a piece of the puzzle. My task is to put all of the information together. There are people who have been preparing spiritually for this ascension process. I will let you know right now. You are not CRAZY! Everything is happening for a reason. Strange things have been happening to many people and they can’t explain it.

People have been seeing flashing lights in the sky and many other things. There are ships or UFO’s in the sky that are cloaked. You can’t see them. They have always been here they are now revealing themselves because the collective consciousness is awakening. The more we believe and have no fear they will reveal themselves to humanity. They are hiding in the clouds. The scriptures talk about this. The Chariots descended on the Earth in the ancient days and someday in the near future when humanity is ready they will descend again. Whether people believe it or not Yahshua is part of the Counsel of Light. There are melinated beings in them ships also! The melanated people of the Earth need to understand this. The Earth is filled with multiple races and so is the galactic family. The rulers of the world are keeping this a secret because they don’t want to create mass panic and chaos, which is wise, but they don’t want the system to collapse. They even have their own UFO’s. The corrupt rulers of this world communicate with the malevolent ET races. That’s how we have the technology that we have but that’s another topic.

The chariots of fire are light ships or star ships and there are benevolent races who travel in them from other worlds, star systems and galaxies etc. They are way more advanced then us. There are different ranks of angelic beings in the Universe. We have different star races such as the Sirians, Pleiadians, Arcturians, Andromedans etc. There are many different Counsels of Light and they are multicolored races of beings that are on these ships. Personally I have only met with melationated beings, the melanated men came to me in my dreams on a chariot. They were very tall and strong warriors.They came to anoint me and they showed me how the women of all races would be anointed. Both men and women have healing powers. The women are coming into their intuitive and psychic powers, some can speak to these beings telepathically, and many women are channeling higher knowledge from these beings on these light ships. They come in rainbow chariots in the clouds, I have seen the rainbow chariots and ships blinking with blue lights or just white light. I can go on and on about the chariots. I have been preparing for this for 6 years.

Also people are having intense dreams and visions and out of body experiences. People have been having all kinds of symptoms in there physical body such as aches, pains, headaches, migraines, ringing in the ears, intense vibrations throughout their body and hearing high pitch sounds. Well it’s because there are incoming waves of energy flowing through the Earth. The Earth also has energy centers or portals and the waves of energy are penetrating through everything. The Earth is shifting in vibration because higher frequencies are coming in on the Earth. So alot of things are happening in the invisible realms. The angelic beings are here! That divine feminine energy is penetrating through every cell in your body. The Holy Spirit energies are here to clear up negative energies and cleanse the Earth and humanity from lower thought forms. The Holy Spirit is dissolving all negative energies within the electromagnetic energy field of your body. This is a Healing Energy and the energy is here to create perfect balance. The Sun of Righteousness brings healing in it’s wings. The wings which represents the electromagnetic field. Balance your energies!

Revelation 2:7 “Anyone with ears to hear must listen to the Spirit and understand what he is saying to the churches. To everyone who is victorious I will give fruit from the tree of life in the paradise of God.

Written by Goddess of Love and Light 333