Vision on August 13, 2018: Merging With The Sun and Time

Shalom Brothers and Sisters. I want to share an amazing experience. It happened on the morning of 8/13/2018. I remember being in inside a cylinder object in space. I was gazing out of the object looking into space and I saw stars all around me. Then suddenly I had a thought about a ship flying next to me. All of a sudden my thought manifested immediately and a ship appeared.  I started traveling towards the Sun. Not sure if it was our Sun but I picked up speed and I saw a pure light emanating from the Sun. At some point within this experience the human side of me kicked in and I had a thought about experiencing death as I was headed into the Sun. My thoughts were, “How is my body going to feel plunging into the Sun?” It’s like I was preparing myself for the experience.  As I got closer, I did not feel heat at all as you would think.  I said here it goes and my body changed instantly, it’s like I was experiencing a metamorphosis. I merged with the Sun and I became a Sun or a Star. I didn’t die I simply transformed.

When I merged into the Sun, I didn’t feel heat, nor did it burn. It was like a vibrational shift happening within me. It was an immense flow of energy vibrating within me. My body was vibrating and changing into a Sun. It’s like my cells were changing. That’s the best way I can describe it. It happened so fast.  As I was entering into this white light I knew I was transforming, I visualized myself merging with the Sun. When the merge was complete, all of my energy begin to burst into Space, solar eruptions emanated from me, I was within the solar flares. My energy traveled in space then suddenly my reality changed and I was in the living room in my house. It wasn’t the home I live in now, I had to be in another dimension. I appeared laying on the couch and my head was vibrating intensively.

I tried to shake the feeling but I knew that I needed to  take on the powerful energy. I attempted to move off of the couch. Then I was looking at my rug on the floor then time just stopped. Geometric shapes started to appear. I kept seeing shapes forming from this rug. Apparently I was experiencing some sort of dimensional shift in this experience. I saw a cube tumbling across the floor, there were multiple cubes tumbling. For some reason I yelled out Metatron’s Cube. Don’t know why but that’s what I said. I was really excited for some reason. Then I saw a face manifesting on the rug, now remember the rug turned into geometric shapes and cubes were tumbling around. For some reason it seem like I orchestrated the reality, its like I was in a game or something. Like I was trying to remember something or send myself a message. So then I was trying to figure out who face it was.  Finally I said Arcturian. After I said that I knew consciously a message was being sent to me. The Arcturian was a male, he was multicolored with features of a black person.

After I looked at him I tried to focus on everything that was happening. It was so hard because everything sped up so quickly. Images were being projected in flashes as I moved my hand in an clockwise motion then I said reverse then flashes of images went back in the past and I stopped on a clear image of Martin Luther King. This has to be a message because this is the 2nd time I saw this image during an experience with going back in time. The images continue to flash back in time and I couldn’t make any of the images out. It was going to fast and I couldn’t capture anything but I guess I was reviewing Time.  Then suddenly I woke up in my bed.

Written by Sister Carter (Goddess of Love and Light)

Vision on 5/12/18: More Chariots Arrive!

During a migraine, I closed my eyes and saw a white light pulsating from a ship. It bounced off of other ships which caused those ships to pulsate a white light as well. This cycle continued endlessly. The ships were small, I don’t know if that is because of how far away they appeared or if they are just not big ships. They were definitely not mother ships, maybe they were scouting/recon ships. I could not see any commanding officers or anyone present on the ships. The very 1st ship that I saw which pulsated the white light had a gun/blaster on top of it. I do not recall seeing any guns/blasters on any of the other ships. The gun/blaster that I saw was for protection of the other ships, the ship was not an attacking ship.

Written by Brother Whitfield


Mission Dream – 4/21/18

I remember seeing a book and I think it had the world population it in. An event occurred which changed the world population count in the book. There were 10 dark spirits left behind. A being told me I had to tie up a few loose ends. The loose ends were the 10 dark spirits and I believe this being to be either my higher self or the keeper of the book. I was given authority to bind the 10 dark spirits.  I saw myself turn into a plasma substance and descend into certain locations on the earth to recover gems. Each gem represented a chakra/rainbow color. Each of the gems were hidden inside a being who passed away on the earth. They were the keepers of the gem and were buried with them. After retrieving all of the gems, I found the 10 dark spirits and bound them. The dark spirits recited a repentance prayer to be unbound and they turned into light beings and ascended.

Written by Brother Whitfield

Visions On 3/24/18: Meditation Visions

In my first vision blue pulsating flames and lava were coming down from somewhere. It started to cover my body from my head to my feet. I looked at my arms first then my body and I  started to control the flames. I think I was seeing when I first got my blue flame powers.

In my next vision two kingdoms united as one to protect each other from a common enemy. I saw a light green emblem and what appeared to be light green leaves on a branch. I cannot remember what the other emblem looked like exactly but I believe it represented the other kingdom. It was a single picture vs. the double leaf picture.

Written by Brother Whitfield

Dream on March 26, 2018: Rainbow Body

I just had a dream where I was a part of a group of people (I was getting the sense of guardians and 144,000). We were scattered all throughout the earth. We each had a small pouch that contained innumerous amounts of tiny chakra sparkling colored prisms. We went around to people and placed the prisms into the people’s hands (representing spreading the knowledge of obtaining the light body). The  prisms appeared as sand in the people’s hand. Their bodies started to levitate.

Written by Brother Whitlfield

Dream on April 23, 2018: From Darkness to Light

A being told me that the emphasis of this dream is a transformation from darkness to light. I truly believe that I was in a pyramid in Egypt. There was some kind of machine that I helped Sister Carter put her hand through straps. I believe she was harnessing the energy/power of the pyramid. She was the chosen one to do this. I remember it being nighttime and some other person in a different section of the pyramid said they called on the night Anubis. Suddenly a great black ashy looking Anubis appeared and the interior of thee pyramid changed to the same color. There was no fear with Anubis as he did not appear evil nor make any moves towards anyone. Anubis just stood in an ashy form. When day light came, once again I saw myself helping Sister Carter put her hands into the straps of the same machine. Only this time after getting one hand in, she decided to do her hair. She said she wanted her hair to look right for this was it. As if whatever she was trying to do, her goal would be accomplished. This time the same person in a different section of the pyramid called on the daylight Anubis and Anubis changed into a brownish/golden color with a golden yellow Aura. Anubis was full of light and the interior of the pyramid changed to and shined the same golden yellow color.

Written by Brother Whitfield

Dream on April 17, 2018: Aboard a Spacecraft

I saw a man and a woman on a spaceship  looking through a huge window. The spaceship had a gray floor and I could see the control panel completely illuminated. I saw a huge earth like planet through the right side of the window. I also saw an object that was dark red with black craters to the left side. At first I thought the object was a blood moon; however when I did a computer search Nibiru/Planet X were the only results. The red object faded in and out rapidly (flickered).

I have determined that I was observing the control room of the spaceship. I was trying to to figure out what the man and woman were talking about and where they were going.

Written by Troy Whitfield

Dream on April 9, 2018: Reiki Healing and Assisting with Ascension

I had a dream in which myself and Sister Carter were walking around and laying our hands on people in certain areas of their body to unblock their chakra centers. Their eyes immediately turned pure white and their light bodies activated. We were sending healing energy to their bodies.

I then had a vision in which I was meditating  and found that a key to activating the light body is forgiveness. Forgiving yourself and others will also activate the light body. When I said that my eyes opened and they were shining brightly. I began glowing as a bright white light.

The key to activating the light body is love. Forgiveness comes in as a healing and unbinding you from negativity holding you to this earth. The negativity blocks your chakras which throws you off balance.

Written by Brother Whitfield

The Vision of Eyes on March 19, 2018

On 3/19/18, I had a vision of a blue eye. I then saw a rainbow pyramid and each level of light took turns being brighter than the others. The brightness would go up 1 by 1 in a sequence starting from the bottom and once it reached the top it would start over again from the bottom. A good visual of this would be like running lights or sequential lights.  I then saw  multiple amounts of eyes.

On 3/20/18, I had another vision of a blue eye and then I saw hieroglyphics of people on a pyramid wall. The eyes of the people started to move as if they were coming to life. One of the hands and arm of the person started to come off of the pyramid wall.

Written by Brother Whitfield

Transmission From A Rock Being on April 9, 2018

I felt a migraine coming, I said to myself give me the information, please just don’t let it be to painful (referring to the migraine itself). My vision started going in and out. I started operating in 2 dimensions at once. I saw myself working and yet I was in another dimension with a being. The being appeared blurry but the being was vibrating as if the being was also in 2 dimensions at once. The being appeared as orange plasma and also humanoid. The being would lift his hands pointing in a direction and saying something to me at the same time. Every now and then the being would morph from plasma to orange rocks. As if the being had a rock body. The being then said humans have been trying to master Quantum Physics, however we (the beings) mastered Quantum Physics ages ago. I answered okay. The being then said that he came to me because I know about cloaking which I acknowledged as correct. The being then said you know that cloaking is just not invisibility. I said I know. The being then said cloaking can mean appearing as something else. I said yes I know, what are you trying to tell me? The being said the ships are already here on this earth. The ships are cloaked as rocks, trees, look at everything around you.

The transmission ended

Written by Brother Whitfield

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