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Heavenly City New Jerusalem: Return To The Garden of Eden

In deep meditation I received a message from the spirit world. A message to prepare for ascension. The water from the river of life poured upon me and it activated my pineal gland, which is covered in crystals.  Upon activation I was illuminated and my consciousness was awakened to my original state, pure and clean, clear as a crystal. Once awakened I was fully connected to universal consciousness. My pineal gland was ready to send a message to the light (Yahshua). I transmitted a message to the highest heaven. I called Yahshua via my cosmic communication system (pineal gland/third eye). I hoped that he would hear my call so I kept sending the message. I knew in my heart that he would get the message and return my call. So I waited patiently at the door.

Some time passed by but Yahshua heard my call. Before I continue with the revelation I would like to share a dream that I had when I was called to the throne. When I left work it was 6 pm and I looked up towards the sky and I saw dark clouds forming.  As I walked down the sidewalk I immediately got caught up in a whirlwind.  In this whirlwind I saw wheels spinning around me, and the wheels were transparent. It was a beautiful site to see.  I was in the presence of the Ophanim angels.

The Ophanim are most commonly called thrones (and sometimes “wheels”).  It is said that they are actual wheels of the Lord’s Heavenly Chariot (Merkabah) and that they are in the third order of the first hierarchy of angels, which is in the highest rank.  

When I was taken aboard the chariot I entered inside a room where there were a multitude of people in the room kneeling down. They were on their knees before the throne and I joined them. Then Yahshua called me out from among the people and I took my seat next to him. You should have seen me, I ran to him with such joy and excitement. I felt like a child again because I was extremely happy. I sat with him and we communicated with each other. I can’t remember everything that we talked about but I remember him telling me that he would come back to get me tomorrow. At that time I wanted to go to heaven but it was not time yet. On the chariot he took me to a door and he told me to look through it. I looked through the door peep hole and through it I saw a dark tunnel space which looked like a portal and it led to an opening of light at the end.

A portal was opened and I saw a new world before me. I saw a glimpse of the sky and I saw a rainbow creature/being at the opening of the gate. This was his promise to me.  Now I want to talk about some other things that I remember seeing. There was a room with a  burning light. It was a chamber that was symbolic for cleansing and purification. I saw a line of people headed to this room and they were being led by an angel.  People were being sent to this room to be transfigured by the light. They were put in this chamber of light and they were cleansed. Before they went in they had a chance to write down some words on a sheet of paper.  I believe it was their repentance prayers.

After they were transformed in the light, their flesh disappeared and the only thing that remained was the sheet of paper with the words on it. I believe the transfiguration took place. They were changed into the new body with the assistance of the angels. It states in the scripture that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God so their bodies changed.  I believe I was witnessing the transformation of the body inside of the bridal chamber. In the book of Enoch, it reveals Enoch’s transformation when he was taken into heaven. The Book of the Secrets of Enoch XXII states in verse 8-9, “And the Lord said to Michael: ‘Go and take Enoch from out his earthly garments, and anoint him with my sweet ointment, and put him into the garments of My glory.’ And Michael did thus, as the Lord told him. He anointed me, and dressed me, and the appearance of that ointment is more than the great light, and his ointment is like sweet dew, and its smell mild, shining like the sun’s ray, and I looked at myself, and was like one of his glorious ones.

I remember in one of my ascension dreams the angels returned through a portal in the sky. I heard loud noises coming from outside, which symbolizes the blowing of the trumpet as referred to in the bible. They came inside of my home and led me outside to the chariot. The ship probably materialize when it entered this dimension, it all has to do with vibration. The angels stood at both sides of the entrance of the chariot. The angel anointed my body as we were walking towards the ship. I remember the back of my neck being anointed by some type of oil or ointment.  This was symbolic of my spinal cord being anointed.  The spinal cord links to the Chakras in your body and I believe my Chakras was being activated by the angels. I sat down in a seat on the ship and the back of my neck that was anointed was connected to the chariot.  This is revealing the Merkaba. Then we ascended into heaven.

Now back to the revelation above.  Here is the story of my life. The wise virgin prepared herself by becoming perfect and complete by the purification of love.  During her wait she singed songs and sent forth vibrations of love on the earth. Once the wise virgin was ready she stood at the door and she waited for the King to return. The bride was clothed in white linen, which represents her purity. She knew that he was near so she opened up the door and ran out to meet the King. Along the way she saw a female angel, who was like a child, she followed the child and the child led the wise virgin to the door.

I will stop here and let you meditate on the things I have said. Let your hearts be filled with love and joy as you read this message that sends hope to all of you.

Written by Athaleyah (Goddess of Love and Light) 333

Dream on June 1, 2016 – Guardians Returning Home

Shalom Brothers and Sisters! I wanted to share a dream that I had on June 1, 2016. I had a dream where I was in a house; however the inside of the house looked like the inside of an ancient temple. I was with a young kid who I called my brother. He was young and held onto my hand.  It was a little strange because when he held my hand it  unlocked hidden knowledge within me. I started to change the structure of the walls of the ancient temple with my mind. I made different stones appear and disappear. I even started to put shapes and objects on some of the stones that I made appear.  I then looked at the ceiling; it was a painting that was blurry. I saw myself and I could see a female with red flowing hair next to me. At that moment my brother and I knew it was time to go. I headed towards the door and when I opened it Sister Carter was standing at the door.

My brother disappeared. I took Sister Carter by the hand and we started walking through a jungle; however there were houses in the jungle. We saw various people while walking and they asked us were we going to someone’s house (I cannot remember the name that the various people mentioned in the dream). Sister Carter and I were speaking to each other with our minds (telepathy). We told each other that it was time to go home. We knew we were not from this planet and that we were the guardians of the planet. We knew we needed to go home and that we could protect the planet from our home because we had fully realized our powers. We decided that we would just agree with everyone and tell them that we were going to someone’s house for help. We did not want to reveal that we were going home and that we were guardians of the planet.

Sister Carter and I walked to an area that had a ditch in the ground (like a shallow sink hole). There was a bag in the ground. We knew we had to get in the bag and the ditch would be filled with water and then frozen so that we could make our trip. We entered the transport bag and I zipped it up over us. Then various people in the jungle appeared around the ditch and started filling it with water.  The water froze and a blue beam appeared over us. We started to ascend towards our metallic chariot that was hovering above the earth. Then there was a beam coming from the chariot and it transported us inside. Once we were inside our ship the beam turned off. Then I woke up.

Written by Brother Whitfield (Obadiyah)

Revelation on 11-4-2015: My Rapture Vision in 2012


Revelation on 11-4-2015: My Rapture Vision in 2012

Shalom Brothers and Sisters I just got another revelation. I had a vision in 2012 and I was at the beach with my family and I was waiting for one person to join me at the beach. In the dream we were waiting at the beach for some hours and we didn’t want to leave without this one person. Keep in mind I knew that the end was about to come. I had faith in this one particular person so I waited patiently for this person to arrive at the beach. Suddenly I turned around and I saw him running towards me and I was so excited that he had showed up. I had been waiting for him to come and when he showed up I reached out my arms towards him and he took my hands and he joined me and my family. After this happened, a tsunami wave came over our heads and it’s like a door opened in the water. We disappeared in a twinkling of an eye and the vision ended. This was a rapture dream and it was letting me know that as soon as the last person is saved the end will come.

This is amazing because this is connecting to my other dream that I had 2 nights ago. I am currently on a 40 day fast. Please check out my post called, Preparation for the Bride (144,000): Repent and Purify Your Bodies (Temple). I received a dream on the night of November 2, 2015. Please check out my post called, The Beginning of my 40 Day Fast: Dream on November 2, 2015. In that dream I was building an ARK and the ARK in my dream represented Noah’s ARK. When this ARK was finished the Most High revealed too me what I was building. In the beginning of that dream I did not know what I was preparing and getting ready for. The ARK that I had built was on the beach. After I finished the ARK, I remember one person coming to look inside of my ARK. That person was the first guest.

Finally the pieces to my end time puzzle are coming together. In the vision that I had in 2012 I was on the beach, and in this recent dream I built an ARK on the beach. In my dream on November 2, 2015 I had one person to enter my ARK when it was finished; this could be symbolic of the saying, “It is finished.” In my vision in 2012 me and my family was waiting on one person to join us at the beach. If I put my vision and my dream together what is the Holy Spirit revealing?

The Holy Spirit is revealing that the Beginning of the End has started!!!!!

I’m now going to put the pieces to the puzzle together with the help of the Holy Spirit.

In my dream the spirit was upon me and I started to build an ARK. I was like an architect in my dream and I was forming the front of a boat. After I completed building the ARK the Most High allowed me to see what it was that I was building. It was an ARK like Noah’s ARK and me and my family was preparing to get on the ARK. While we were waiting for the end to come, I had gone out to invite others to join me and my family on the ARK. One person accepted my invitation and I told that person the location where to meet me. I told that person that the location was at the beach because that’s where the ARK was located. When the time of the end had arrived, my family told me to come on the ARK but I knew that I had to wait just a little while longer. My guest didn’t arrive yet but I had faith that my guest would come. So I waited patiently. Then suddenly I turned around and behold my guest had come. I was so excited and I was rejoicing because the time has finally come. I took my guest hands and I led my guest towards my ARK, which is called the ARK of Safety. My guest joined me and my family and the end had finally come. The Lord shut the door to my ARK and he said, “It is finished.”

Wow!!! Isn’t that amazing? Well it’s amazing to me. Praise Yah! Surely there is hidden manna in my dreams and I can’t wait for more dreams to connect to my other dreams and visions. I revealed some of the things that I had written in bible in my post called The Beginning of my 40 Day Fast: Dream on November 2, 2015. It is now time to reveal something else that I had written in my bible. I have a name written down in my bible and this person’s name was by the time that I had written down for the time of the end. The name of the person in my bible is the person that I saw in my vision. That person was the person that I was waiting for at the beach. All of my dreams and visions are starting to connect and it’s like a book of revelations and one of my favorite books of the bible is the book of revelation.  I made a wedding invitation this year around the Day of Atonement and the spirit led me to start sending the invitations out. One person wrote back and rejected the invitation because he doesn’t believe in  Yahshua. I have been sending out this wedding invitation since then. Who knows what’s next but I will continue to do my Father’s will and I will keep preparing myself and others for Yahshua’s return.

Do you want to join me on the ARK (ship) that I have created in the spiritual realm? There is plenty of room on my ship and I hope you come aboard my ship (chariot) so that we can meet Yahshua in the clouds. Get ready because soon we will lift off to the New Jerusalem.  Make sure you keep plenty of oil in your lamps because you don’t know the hour in which Yahshua will return.

Written by Sister Carter