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Chakra Opening: My Spiritual ExPerience

Greeting my dear love ones! Educating yourself about the chakra centers in your body is very important. It will definitely take you into higher states of consciousness. I immediately gained access to my akashic records. It was a mind blowing experience for me. Right before the experience I received some sort of incoming cosmic wave or signal. The inside of my head was vibrating intensely as I heard high pitch frequency sounds. It felt like I had an antenna inside of my forehead. The energy was so powerful that I tried to stop it. I guess my neurons were firing off in my brain. I tried to cut off the connection but I couldn’t. The download was coming in really fast. The tuning sounds kept getting louder and louder as I received the signal. Finally I was able to tap into the frequency that was flowing through my crown chakra. It’s like your radio trying to tune into a radio station.

Suddenly my third eye opened and I saw multiple images projecting before me. It happened so fast. I caught a glimpse of the download that I had received. I was able to see a woman and she said Sirian. I am certain that this download came from Star Sirius. Higher dimensional beings were communicating with me. Then my light body was activated and consciously I knew I was about to take off into space because I heard my higher self say, “Here we go!” I guess I was preparing myself for takeoff. Then just like that I traveled through a portal extremely fast as in hyper-drive speeds.

I was at a stargate in no time. Hmmm,.. I wonder if I traveled to the Sirius Star System. Anyhow, I remember standing in a doorway and I saw thousands of light ships passing by. Did I just open a stargate. Why was I standing at the gate? Am I a stargate keeper or guardian? This is getting interesting. Then one of the ships came over me. It hovered over my head and it spiraled opened and I saw hexagonal panels on the bottom of the ship and the color was magenta.

I saw magenta hearts falling out of the ship and I remember smiling. I know it was my light ship that I was accessing. As I entered the ship a room was being formed. It seem as though I was creating the room so that I could remember the experience when I jumped back into my physical body. There were projections on the wall and it was moving like a slideshow. It was a wall of records and it went through time. I was being shown a collection of information and there were images, animations, symbols,hieroglyphics and geometry and other things that I can’t remember. I specifically remember seeing a picture of Martin Luther King that’s how I know I was going back through time. I was going back in the past and it went all the way back to Ancient Egypt.

This was the day I realized that I was entangled in the quantum field because I had the ability to access time and space from any point. I had another experience the same night where my consciousness went to the quantum field. Somehow I stop time, I saw a pure white light that surrounded me and everything physical disappeared. From there it’s like my consciousness collapsed into a black hole. Somehow my multidimensional selves were merging. I was still conscious and I knew my physical body was in the bed sleeping having this experience.I was having a dream within a dream. So much was happening simultaneously.

Written by Goddess of Love and Light 333

Light Chamber MEDITATION: Great pyramid of giza Stargate Activation

Greetings my dear ones! I send you all love, light and healing. Doesn’t it feel so good to be living at a time like this. So many things are happening with the increase of higher energies coming on the Earth. I am definitely riding the waves of love and I am using my own inner light or merkaba to beam out rays of light on this Earth. I am being creative in my own way and I am enjoying it. On 1/11/2019 I actually visualized my solar plexus chakra beaming out light to the middle of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The beam of light connected me to the pyramid so I can harness the energy. I imagined a beam of light shooting out into the sky and a blast of rainbow energy expanding in all directions around the earth.

With my light ship above the pyramid there is love energy descending all around the world. In my meditation I wanted to visualize this because I had a dream where my light ship hovered above me right after I opened a stargate. I saw thousands of light ships passing though the stargate that I stood at. My ship came above me and spiraled open and I saw magenta hearts descending from the ship. Love energy was descending from my ship as I was entering inside of my light chamber. The dream was definitely a reminder of who I am and it showed me that I have love flowing out of my ship.

During my meditation, I envisioned star Sirius and the Queen’s Chamber with the light of Sirius beaming through the Queen’s Chamber. The intent behind this is to bring the divine feminine energy to the Earth. As I was in deep thought I saw an image projecting through my third eye. I saw a woman dressed in a white robe and her head was covered in white. She was pure in heart. She walked towards the pyramid and she touched the pyramid with her right hand. She touched the pyramid to activate it’s power. She was the goddess returning to open the stargate. The Etheric ships have arrived and they use the stargates( portals) on the Earth to descend.

Written By Goddess of Love and Light 333