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Dream on 3/26/18: Mighty Beings and Telepathic Communication

I was hovering high above a cliff looking down at what was taken place below.

I either heard the name John Austin or Austin Jones. I heard the name called right before a black elderly man jumped off of a cliff into the water below. The elderly man was wearing brown shorts with no shirt. I could easily tell that the elderly man had super human powers. He had gray hair that looked like a ring around his head. He did not have big muscles or anything like that.

I then saw a very tall muscular being standing on the same cliff looking down into the waters that the elderly man jumped into. The man had tan skin however it would fluctuate to a grayish color. I saw blue marking which covered the man’s body. I could not tell if they were tattoos, tribal markings or land masses (like a map). The being had an object over his head which at first I thought was a hurricane, however when I got a closer look it looked like the Milky Way over his entire head. If he ever got upset the eye/center would pulsate and flash causing a hurricane to manifest on the planet.

Prior to me waking up I was advised by a voice that I was the man’s friend and it was my job to keep him calm. I was awoken to write down the dream that I had. After writing the first part of the dream, I went back to sleep to see if I could get back into the dream that I had. I felt my physical body still in the bed; however my consciousness went through a pink and purple portal. My consciousness traveled deep into the universe  and I found the man in the same spot where I saw him in my dream. I connected with him Telepathically and asked “why am I tasked with keeping you calm? The man answered “Because you represent peace and balance.” He showed me the Libra scales which represent balance. I asked him “how do I represent peace and balance when clearly I am unbalanced and trying to gain balance?”

The connection was broken and I woke up.

Written by Brother Whitfield

Meditating within a Vortex Space – 3/3/18

While meditating, I saw myself on a planet, it looked like Africa. There was tall brown grass and the sun shined brightly. There was a rainbow ring that encircled the sun. The rainbow ring moved closer to me. A grayish lion being appeared and said “Sire, your father has returned. He is safe and waiting on you to complete your task. ” The lion being seemed to be speaking to me telepathically. At the time, I could only see the Lion being’s face however, it is like everything started to zoom out.  The Lion being was kneeling on one knee in front of me and was wearing warrior armor.  I looked up at the sun and another rainbow ring came towards me. There was a flash and then I saw a brown lion walking slowly towards me. I recognized the lion because it was the same lion that I would see whenever I looked into my father’s eyes as a child. The lion suddenly became my father and he walked towards me. He was wearing a crown. He said “you see I am fine, I am home, I am free.

The scene switched and I saw a silver ship come through a portal. I was looking up at it as we were in space. I saw pulses of rainbow colors passing over the ship and then shrinking and closing behind it. It was the portal closing. A purple and blue being with white Mohawks appeared. They said, “we are here.” I then saw a numerous amounts of ships materialize. They filled space. I then came out of meditation. I remember seeing those beings that appeared to me before. I remember them as if I have known them for a long time and we are friends.

Written by Brother Whitefield