My thoughts Part 3: Connected Above

My thoughts Part 3: Connected Above

His love is deeper than you can imagine. That’s why I desire all of him. My Yah is my everything and I can’t live without him. I must strip off my earthly garments so that I can stand in the presence of the Creator. Anoint me Father with your precious oil and talk with me and tell me your mysteries. Reveal unimaginable details of the Heavens and the Earth. Whisper into my ears Oh Yah! As you spoke with Enoch, please speak with your daughter. Give me wisdom Father. Let me float in the midst of HEAVEN! As you move let me follow. Attach my heart to yours and let me feel your compassion for your people. Let me gaze into your eyes into eternity to the endless universe. Let the invisible expand with my thoughts oh Yah! Let light increase all around me such an explosion of love and warmth, beautiful colors of your rainbow. Oh how I love your promise. Eternal life with the King. Let me receive my crown and let me reign beside you on the throne. Let the impossible become possible in the eyes of believers that they may have hope in all things.

While I am on this earth let the rays of the sun shine upon me. Don’t let the fire consume me and don’t let the flames burn me Oh Yah! But allow me to walk through the fire to be cleansed to be purified. For I am invisible and the invisible heavens is where you dwell, where the heavens is connected, Yes the very source of all energy. Just trying to imagine all that you have in your wonderful universe. Your wonders and the mysteries of life itself. It goes beyond what I could ever imagine. Oh how your spirit already existed and how you began to create every living spirit. The invisible descended into this visible world. And I am a heavenly spirit sent from up above. Acknowledging that I was a thought that was formed in the Creators mind and it is I, a flaming fire, a mighty angel of wisdom sent from up above on a mission. How great is that? I praise you oh Yah! And it will be forever and ever into eternity that I will stay connected.

The mystery of all lies deep within his mind so Father please allow my mind to be connected to the expansion of your universe as we unite again; which will bring endless worlds that will form from a mind filled with unconditional love. No more crying and no more pain as we; your children dwell in your presence for eternity. I am childless and I rejoice because I know my children are in heaven but imagine what’s to come and what I will give birth too. I will be complete again and no longer corrupted. Wisdom comes forth and ignorance will disappear. Watch as darkness fades away and be amazed as my light expands; a bright light shining forth from me as the brightest star above. I am reaching perfection in my Father’s eyes. For Yah is my strength, I am light! No longer hidden in the sight of wise men.  He and She was brought forth in the beginning. Soon Yahshua’s Kingdom of Love for eternity will arrive.  For the bride has prepared herself and the marriage will soon take place in the twinkling of an eye.

Written by Sister Carter

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